Joseph T. Chan

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Joseph T. Chan, American citizen since 1975, graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a degree in Chemistry and pursued MBA degree in the same school. Experience includes Formica Corporation’s Process Engineer on decorative laminates, Aerojet Corporation’s Senior Research Chemist on solid propellant for ICBM missiles, real estate broker and developer, restaurateur and English teacher. 
  Have been teaching Oral English in Fuzhou for 6 years, currently for Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University; students include undergraduates, masters and PhD’s.                                                                                                                           Living in America for 40 years enabled me to speak English with native fluency. In the 6 years of teaching in Fujian, I realized that there are many common and yet unique mistakes among Chinese students, especially the ones from Fujian. As a native of Fujian and had to learn English the hard way, I have definite advantage over other foreign teachers in noticing and understanding the mistakes made by Chinese students, as well as in helping them to overcome the problems.

乔瑟夫.陈,1975年成为美国公民, 毕业于加利福尼亚州立大学化学系,并于该校获得工商管理硕士学位。曾从事工艺工程,导弹推送研究,房地产经营与开发,餐馆经营与英语教学等工作。在福州从事英语教学6年来,教过的学生有本科生,研究生及博士生,目前在我校担任英语教师。在美国四十多年的海外生活经历使他拥有一口纯正的外语。而作为华人特别是拥有福州祖籍的他相比外国教师来说更是有着独特的优势以帮助中国学生发现并改善英语学习过程中的问题。